How to protect yourself from the WPA2 KRACK WiFi Attack

The WPA2 KRACK is an attack on the most common WiFi security standard that could allow someone to  break into your WiFi network, or any WiFi your phone or computer may be using.

So far, only Windows 10, iPhone 6s and later, and some business-grade WiFi equipment have updates available to fix this flaw, but most Android phones and low end WiFi equipment, do not yet.

Here are some things you can do to protect yourself as much as possible until everything is updated.

  • Install and use the HTTPS Everywhere web browser plugin on your computers and smart phones, especially if your device doesn’t yet have an update available.
    • With this, even if someone were to get into your network, they wouldn’t be able to direct your computer or phone to a non-encrypted version of a website, where they could eavesdrop on you.
  • Make sure automatic updates are turned on for your windows 8 or older PCs and macs.
    • Update is always on in Windows 10 but can stop working if you run out of space. It should be on in Windows 7 and 8, but can get turned off. Vista and XP will not get a fix.
    • The mac WiFi update is available to testers so far, but will go public soon.
  • Make sure all servers are set to not allow anyone to connect without a password, if they did get on your network.
  • Consider moving your WiFi router outside of your firewall, and connecting to your network using virtual private network software.
    • This way, if someone breaks into your WiFi, they get on the Internet, but not into your private network.
    • If you only use cloud apps, and have no local files, this may be overkill.
  • Update your WiFi router, access-points. WiFi cameras, etc as soon as possible. Check if an update is available for yours.
    • Any piece of WiFi equipment such as a wireless camera could be the weak link that lets someone into your network, if it is not patched for this flaw.

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